Terra Cotta Pumpkin Containers

If you’ve followed seven thirty three for a while, you may remember the Terra Cotta Pot Apples that my kids and I made as teacher gifts. I’ve been getting into the fall spirit and decided that a Terra Cotta Pumpkin Candy Dish would be perfect to add a touch of Fall Decor to my home! These are super easy to make and are really quite adorable. I think they’d make great gifts, and the small ones would make fun party favors.

How to make a Terra Cotta Pumpkin - makes for a fun piece of fall decor!

Supplies Needed:

Terra Cotta Pot and Dish – make sure they are the same size

Wood Knob or Spool

Fake Leaf

Green Cardstock

Strong Adhesive, such as Gorilla Superglue


Orange and Brown Paint – I used Apple Barrel Paints in Territorial Beige and Jack-O-Lantern Orange

Paint Brush

Terra Cotta Pumpkin Tutorial


Make a Terra Cotta Pot Pumpkin1. Paint your pot orange

Terra Cotta Pot Pumpkin Tutorial


Painted Terra Cotta Pot Pumpkin2. Paint the knob and dish brown

Terra Cotta Pumpkin3. Cut a thin strip from green cardstock. Wrap it around a pencil, winding it nice and tight.

DIY Fall Pumpkin Project4. Glue a fake leaf to the bottom of the terra cotta dish.

Terra Cotta Pumpkin5. Glue the paper spiral to the wood knob.

Terra Cotta Pot Pumpkin Tutorial6. Glue the knob and paper spiral over the leaf. I placed the paint bottle on top of the knob to apply a bit of pressure while the glue dried.

Terra Cotta Pumpkin Tutorial7. Fill with treats or other momentos and enjoy!

I did do a search to see if Terra Cotta Pots are food safe and they are not Food Grade. If you want to fill yours with treats you will want to line it with something prior to placing the food inside.

Whimsical Terra Cotta Pumpkin

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