My daughter came home from daycare this week with a huge smile on her face and a small little baggie in her hand.  They have been learning all about Thanksgiving, including pilgrims, native americans and the first Thanksgiving Feast.  As a tie in, her daycare provider created this fun little counting and number game.  It could easily be dressed up, or created on the computer.
For the game you need to create your “feast” items.
The eight items we used was the perfect amount.
Decide how much each item should cost.
On the back write the number and then draw the correct amount of circles as a visual cue.
To create the coins, cut out small circles from cardboard and cover with tinfoil.
Game Directions:
Start out with 5-10 silver coins each, depending on how many players
(with 3 players we each had 10 coins).
Spread out the “feast” items.
Designate a “storekeeper”.
The storekeeper asks the youngest player which item they want to bring.  
The player flips over the item they picked to see how much it costs.
The player needs to pay the “storekeeper” the right amount of coins.

If  they do not have enough coins, they may have to borrow from other plays.
How many more do they need to buy it?
Of course I can think of many variations on playing this game – that’s the fun part about it!
My daughter was so confident playing this game and counting out her money.
 It is great for number recognition and practicing counting.  
Even my five year old enjoyed playing with us.
HAVE FUN and Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Creating! ~Kim

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