This year I turn 30.  My husband has been reminding me of that since the New Year rang in.  I’m not a person that gets hung up on age, but leaving my 20’s does do funny things to my insides… a little.  I figure if he is going to razz me for the next 7 months, the most he can do is throw me a big 3-0 bash, right?  So I’ve created a Pinterest board where I am storing fun ideas and I’m hoping my Facebook/Pinterest friends will clue him in.  I’m dropping sneaky hints.  I mean, I can’t plan my own 30th birthday party!
UPDATE: All downloads now available via Google Docs.

30th Birthday Party Invite

I figured I would make it easy for other husbands out there with wives turning 30 too.  I’ve created a FREE, customizable 30th Birthday Party Invitation.  All you need is Adobe Reader, Cardstock and a printer.  This is a two step process if you want to use the same script font as what is already on the invitation (if you don’t care about that, you can skip to downloading the invitation and it will use a default font – most likely Times New Roman).  Download Dancing Script OT here.  Install the font on your system (if you are using Windows you download the font and then save it to your Fonts folder which is located in your Control Panel).  Now that the font is installed, download the invitation from here.  Fill in the info and then print out your invitations on cardstock.  A custom design for free!  Final invite size is 7″ x 5″.

30th Birthday Party Cupcake Toppers

I also designed some cupcake toppers that can be printed onto cardstock and cut with a scrapbook 2″ circle or scallop punch.  Download the cupcake toppers here.

30th Birthday Party Water Bottle Labels Show your guests JUST how refreshing 30 really is with these adorable water bottle labels.  Print them out onto 8.5 x 11 sheets of labels and stick to a water bottle.
Now all the party planner needs to do is get some coordinating balloons, streamers and such!  All you husbands can thank me for making you look like the hero (birthday girls – make sure you accidentally leave this page up on the computer)!