I was determined to do a fun gift for my nephews seventh birthday. He has everything he needs, so I always try to come up with something that I think he’ll really enjoy. I racked my brain trying to think of the perfect idea and finally… I GOT IT! A DIY Bug Hunting Kit. What little boy doesn’t like inspecting insects?

DIY Bung Hunting Kit - Gift Idea for Kids
I purchased a a tote from Joann’s and appliqued his name with felt. I also added a pocket made out of a bug fabric. On the back I added a little felt bug that peeks out from behind when you carry the tote.

I made a simple bug card/tag out of scrapbook paper that I tied onto the handle of the tote. My lil’ guy loved the bug so much, he made his own, so I added that too. In the pocket I added a little card that had all of the contents of the Bug Hunting Kit spelled out. I purchased a small net and attached a key chain LED light for close inspection. I also purchased a composite notebook to act as his “Field Journal” for keeping track of his close encounters with the creepy crawlies. I found a cute little bug apron from the Dollar Store and also purchased a magnify glass and fake cockroaches there as well. I bought two different containers to hold his finds so that he can keep them contained as he inspects the *icky* little things. Lastly I found some butterfly fact puzzle cards that were a perfect activity to top it all off. This was such a simple gift to make and it cost under $20.

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