So I’ve made some changes to my kitchen and although I’ve shown you parts of it, I figured I’d give you a full tour!
Here’s a little reminder of the before:

 Here is the totally finished backsplash – grout and new outlets and outlet plates in place:

The new microwave – we highered the upper-cabinets to allow for the correct height between stove top and microwave (sorry about the lighting – this was taken at night.  See my new undercabinet lights?):

I ended up adding twine to my mason jars and love the result:

Another Mason jar works perfectly for my cooking utensils (My son, Mason, loves seeing his name everywhere!):

My new utensil holder where everything fits and is held in place:

$9.99 at TJ Maxx (yes, I am a Maxxinista)
My new marble dish soap dispenser and magnetic bin for our mail:

And my kitchen communication center:

I forgot to get a picture of my newly organized cupboards, including fresh contact paper!

My uncle will be coming after the sugaring season to help us put in a pass-through window into the living room… which is the whole reason we added the microwave!  We’re still trying to figure this one out… we are running into an issue with a possible heat duct in the floor which is preventing us from moving the fridge to accomadate the opening.  But I will NOT be deterred!  I WANT to open our house up a bit and if that means two windows on either side of the fridge, then I am going to put two windows in!!!  If I could convince my hubby to go along with removing the cabinets near the dishwasher, we could move the fridge there (with a sheet of foam insulation between the two to prevent higher energy usage by the fridge).  We could then add an island and a hole and I’d be a happy girl!

(See how annoying the fridge is?  Floating in the middle of the wall!  We’ve been playing with the position of it, so it isn’t there anymore, it is moved a little further down… we use to have our trash compactor on one side and the microwave and stand on the other, so it wasn’t so bad, but not it is just a lonely fridge…)

Why not just add the window in that big space to the left of the fridge you ask?  Well because in the living room we have a fireplace that takes up the whole left corner – so that is a no go.  And much of the space to the right of the fridge is taken up by a hall closet.  I’ll let you know what we end up with!

UPDATE: Find out what our solution was for adding a pass-through HERE!
Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the tour!