I haven’t shared any of our Elf on the Shelf’s hi jinx this year, but this past Wednesday night she had a bit of fun with a dry erase marker.  This is not her first time doing so, last year she drew all sorts of funny facial hair and other things on my children’s pictures, and Tuesday night she left us a message on the garage door window {have a nice day, love CM}.  After Tuesday my son told me I should hide the marker, but I didn’t heed his advice so on Thursday we woke up to this:

No mirror was safe!  And a few pictures were defaced as well, even the microwave had a message waiting for us.  It took them to find the actual elf as she was hanging out in my room on some unwrapped gifts, but once they found her there was no questioning the fact that she was the culprit since she was, you know, hiding the offending marker behind her back.  This was one of the most giggle inducing pranks that Christina Marie has pulled.  We had lots of fun (and it made us late, but shhhh!) taking turns being Rudolph and Santa in the mirrors.  My favorite was the glasses and funny hair.  What are some fun pranks your Elf, if you have one, has done?
My brother shared what Christina Marie’s brother, Christopher, has been up to at their house:

That’s right.  Someone had a little fun playing with an iPhone… kind of reminds me of all the photos of my kids I find on my phone.

His return this year was marked by an explosion of flour, which he tracked all over the counter before settling down to eat a cupcake, or two! But no worries, he was prepared with his toothbrush, because he certainly doesn’t want any cavities!
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Happy Creating! ~Kim

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