I had a very productive weekend and am so excited that I have really begun working on my basement.  My basement has gone through several transformations since we moved in 5 years ago and I think we are finally getting it to where it was meant to be: a combo playroom/craft room!  We have a L shaped basement so a portion will be a play area for the kids and the other portion will be my crafting area.  It works perfectly for us.  I have rearranged all of the furniture, organized all of my supplies and the childrens toys and threw out or donated a TON!  I have ordered several cubbie bookshelves – if you are interested, I ordered these Martha Stewart Cubbies for Home Depot.  After arguing with my husband about getting rid of our very big and bulky office desk (he wanted to keep it because it cost $1K and I want to get rid of it because it isn’t conducive to crafting and hey – I’m the only one that uses it!), I have finally convinced him that it is OK to let go.  I will be building myself a counter height craft table in the next few weeks and I can not WAIT until I pull everything together and can get to using it!  I still need to paint too… I’ve been putting that off… I hate painting!  I wish you all were in VT with me, I’d totally invite you over for a painting party with great music and even better drinks!

I also made some fabric organizers out of foam core, and a pin cushion out of a large mason jar.  On top of all of this organization I also organized my laundry room/storage space in the basement, my master closet and my linen closet!  I was on a roll.  I also got to have a date night with the hubby, go to breakfast with my extended family and grandparents, and played on the snow machine and went sledding!  It was a great weekend!

I am going to wait to reveal my final transformation, but I’ll leave you with an image of what my craft area did look like:

Make sure to keep your eye out because the big reveal will hopefully be coming in the next few weeks.  We are going away next weekend so my hope is to paint the following weekend.  We have to take that big old desk apart to get it out of the basement, and I need to find a home for it still.  Still lots of work to do but it will be worth it in the end!
Happy Creating! ~Kim

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