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PEEPS Mini Pudding Pie

Author: Kim @ seven thirty three


  • Mini Pie Crusts
  • Pudding
  • PEEPS Bunny Candy
  • Green Shredded Candy
  • Orange and Green Tootsie Rolls



  • Cut an orange Tootsie Roll into thirds.
  • Roll and knead 1/3 until it is soft and malleable.
  • Shape into a carrot.
  • Use the flat edge of a butter knife to create small indents in the body of the carrot.
  • Pull off a small bit of green Tootsie Roll and roll into a long, thin snake.
  • Cut to create the carrot tops.
  • Press the carrot tops onto the carrot.


  • Fill the mini-pie crust with prepared pudding.
  • Sprinkle the top of the pudding with the Green Candy Shred. If you can't find this in stores, you can also add green food coloring to shredded coconut and achieve the same effect.
  • Place your PEEP into the pudding, making sure he is standing nice and tall.
  • Add in candy carrots as desired.