Raise your hand if you want to be more fit and active in 2016!  Yep. Just what I thought. That’s just about everybody! It’s that time of year when we wash our hands of the old, and we are in with the new! I’m a huge believer in setting goals so when the New Year comes around, I start to think of what goals I want to accomplish.  (Post contains affiliate links for your convenience). So when I came across this Year of Goals Printable Pack from The Dating Divas, I knew I needed to share for all my other goal setters.

Year of Goals - A Printable Pack for the New Year

They have put together a beautiful “goal planner” for the year to help us achieve our dreams! But, as you can guess, it’s so much more than just a goal planner! It’s also a menu planner, weekly to do list, daily to do list, expense planner…AH!

Year of Goals - A Printable Pack for the New Year

Year of Goals - A Printable Pack for the New YearHow do you get started setting your goals?!  Think back to your elementary school days. What did you do first, before you started a big project? Why, brainstorm, of course! Let your mind run wild for a solid ten minutes. Uninterrupted. {It’s possible, my friends. Completely possible}.

What do you really, really want out of your life? Now is the time to tell yourself all about it. I actually found this a really inspiring and somewhat cleansing thing to do. Let me know how your experience goes! I need to remember to do this more often.

Year of Goals - A Printable Pack for the New YearNext, put those dreams onto the vision board. I love this idea! I’m such a visual person, so this is huge for me. A vision board is a visual reminder for you to place somewhere {where you can see it often!}. You can pick a category for each square {The Divas have even provided several ideas under their monthly focus list…I’ll get to that later!} OR create a collage of dreams. Pull out old magazines and cut out pictures, if you’re artistic draw your dreams, print pictures from your computer, or simply write them out. Fill it up whatever way gets you excited about your year of goals and will help you to visualize what you are hoping to achieve this year! Put it somewhere where you will see it often so you will be reminded of your goals daily.

Next? The monthly focus categories!

Year of Goals - A Printable Pack for the New Year

The idea here is to dedicate one month to each of those choices. But no pressure! The great thing about this planner is that it is completely customizable. If you’re feeling like you need to focus on “health/fitness”, more than “self reliance”, then do just that! There’s even these darling little motivational quotes to keep you going…love it!

Sometimes, I find it helps if I break down my goals. The Divas gave this as an awesome example:

Monthly Focus: Health/Fitness

Goal: Eat healthier each day

1. Drink 8 cups of water a day

2. Only eat sugar once a week

3. Do not eat after 7 P.M.

4. Eat 3-4 fruits and vegetables daily

They even did an elementary school throwback to S.M.A.R.T goals. Yep! Remember those? You learned them for a reason, my friend!

Year of Goals - A Printable Pack for the New YearHere’s The Dating Divas summary of “S.M.A.R.T goals:

  • S- Specific: When setting your goals, be as specific as possible. This will help make achieving your goals a whole lot easier! You will know exactly what you are trying to accomplish and how. What is the purpose of your goal? How is it going to benefit you? What are the requirements and restraints?
  • M- Measurable: How Often? How many? When? Once again, be specific so each day when you are tracking your goal you know how to track your process. From our example above, I mentioned drinking EIGHT cups of water A DAY, eating THREE to FOUR vegetables A DAY.
  • A- Attainable: How can this be accomplished? Make sure it is realistic. Have a plan as to how you are going to do this each and every day.
  • R- Relevant: Think back to your brainstorming worksheet here. Is this goal going to help to achieve other goals and purposes? Your different monthly focuses? Is it the right time in your life? We want you to dream big and set the bar high but we also want you to not overwhelm yourselves!
  • T- Timely: What is the deadline? When are you going to do get this done? My best advice is to set goals that you can do daily or weekly. Make these goals habits that are easy to track.

Once the goals are set, it’s time to start tracking them! The Divas have included these darling trackable sheets…complete with little inspiring quotes at the top! Don’t you just adore them?!

Year of Goals - A Printable Pack for the New YearYear of Goals - A Printable Pack for the New YearCan you see those little squares with all of the numbers in them? That’s for tracking your goals – 30 days makes a habit, right? You got this!

The hope is that the goal has become a habit, and you can move onto the next section. I really love how much this breaks “goal keeping” down to a totally do-able process. No more of this “gotta-do-it-all-at-once” attitude that I have!

They even put in this darling “Quarterly Review” sheet to keep yourself in check! Those ladies thought of everything – isn’t it awesome? But let me tell you – it gets even better! Like I said before, this is waaaayyy more than a goal planner. Look at what else this pretty little thing can do!

Year of Goals - A Printable Pack for the New YearA weekly and daily to do list! Eek! You can go ahead and print off as many as you need for these. To save on printing costs, I decided just to put these in frames, and write on them with dry-erase marker!

I also adore this “gratitude” list. So cute, right?! One of the things I’m trying to work on this year is having a more grateful heart, so this fits perfectly!

Year of Goals - A Printable Pack for the New YearAnd – last but most definitely not least…a menu planner, complete with room for shopping list! Seriously! It doesn’t get better!

Year of Goals - A Printable Pack for the New Year

2016 is going to be the best year yet! But, we have to think beyond that. You can use this over and over {AND OVER} again, each and every year! The gift honestly keeps on giving. Make it your year! You got this!

The best part is the price. It’s only $3.97!

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