Who wants to be BOOED when they can be SPOOKED?! AM I RIGHT? We needed new Booed Printables since we used my other Booed Signs multiple years in a row. I whipped up some You’ve Been Spooked Halloween Signs to use and the kids loved them. Because I’m always ink cautious I went with a spooky white and black design. If you’re also looking for a new Booed printable to use this year, then read on, because you know I’m going to share with you!

Printable You've been spooked! Halloween Printables

Booing Gift Ideas

My children typically dictate what goes inside our Booed Gifts. This year inside the pumpkin basket we put a pumpkin cup, some silly string, wax lips, and DIY Halloween Takeout Boxes full of treats. I don’t know about you, but if I was a kid and I found this on my porch, I would be hella’ excited!

Printable You've been spooked! Halloween Printables

Halloween Sign Printables

If you’ve never Booed anyone before, it’s simple! First, download the Spooked Signs and instructions at the bottom of this post. You’ll need to print 1 copy of the 1st page and 2 copies of the 2nd.

Now comes the fun part. Make or buy treats to put into a basket, a bag, heck, even inside a pumpkin! Get creative with what you do. You’ll need two of whatever you come up with.

Next, put together your packages. Include one copy of the “You’ve been spooked” instructions and one copy of the “We’ve been spooked!” sign in each.

And here comes my kid’s favorite part: the sneaky delivery! We usually wait until dark and we pile into the car. We determine the neighbor we want to boo, I drive them there, drop them off at the house next door, and then drive down the street a little bit and go dark.

The kids go into ninja mode and stealthily run-up to the front door – drop the package, ring the bell, and HIGH TAIL IT THE HECK OUT OF THERE! Usually, they make it to the side of the house and then hunker down until the neighbor has done the “confused looking around until they see the package at their feet” and bring it back inside. Once the door is shut the kids continue in ninja fashion back to the car. Then we do it all over again at the 2nd house.

Printable You've been spooked! Halloween Printables

By the time we get home, they are all hyped up from the adrenaline and are in great moods! They discuss how long they think it will take until we get booed ourselves and get to do it again… because it’s inevitable!

If you think you’re up for the challenge (and fun), then download the You’ve Been Spooked Printables and hop to it!


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