Do your kids like to take baths?

Mine sure do, though my 6 year old has started taking showers, which is nice if we’re short on time.
My kids bathroom tub is full of bath toys and their imaginations just seem to run wild in the bath! My daughter took a bath in my bathroom the other day and only had a washcloth to play with and she spent an hour in the tub. No joke.
Every once in a while I like to surprise them with fun bath time activities.
In the past we have picked up the bathtub crayons, we’ve used glow sticks, and one of their favorites, something my mom started, is having colored bath water. They think that is the coolest.
I was brainstorming some ideas to surprise them with and decided on a Halloween tub.
Using our window clings, I decorated the tub walls, added green food coloring to the water and threw in a few fake spiders, and voila! It really doesn’t take much to get them excited, I used items I had in house and they stayed in the tub playing and talking about their AWESOME Halloween bath.
They even made up a story that I was a witch trying to cook them and acted that out for a while!
Do you ever surprise your kids with fun bath time activities?
I’d love to hear what you’ve tried!
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