Kim Conner

Kim is a Marketing Director for a media group where she is able to utilize her creativity to help her clients. In her free time she loves to create DIY projects, spend time with family and work out her stress by hitting the gym. She’s a mom of three beautiful children and two fur-babies; a Goldendoodle and a rescued Pibble.

My Story

I began this site in 2009 while on maternity leave with my youngest daughter, Olivia. It started life as seven thirty three, but I rebranded in August of 2016 to Inspiration Made Simple. Why the change? I wanted an identity that better reflected the focus on this site – helping to share creative and DIY projects that ANYONE can achieve.

I have a love for fitness, specifically strength training. In 2020, I began to share my fitness journey, exercises and motivational tips. It quickly became apparent that I needed a separate space for these posts, and Muscle Made Simple was born.

In additional to crafting and strength training, I am a graphic designer and I love to create unique designs for around my home, for parties and for gifts. Many of which I turn into free printables so that readers can enjoy them as much as I do.

My spare time is spent with my children and dogs, my boyfriend, Todd and creating and reading. As I mentioned above, I’m passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, strength training and watching the changes in my body as I grow stronger. I am also a huge fan of roller coasters – the bigger and faster the better! My ideal vacation is somewhere warm and near water.

Now that you’ve learned a little about me, I hope you’ll click around the site and find some creation inspiration and fitness motivation!

Be inspired. Get motivated.

Connect with me

If you have recreated, or were inspired by something you saw on Inspiration Made Simple, I would love for you to share! Tag me on social media or send me a message and you may just see yourself and your creation featured!

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