Pink Elephants and Blue Rhinos is a sweet party supply Etsy shop.  With all handmade items, you are sure to wow guests at any party! PE&BR sent me this great Pinkalicious Birthday Banner for my daughters 2nd birthday and I got to tell you, the banner is even more stunning in person!  

The colors are vibrant, the glitter adds texture, as does the layers and I love the little ribbon dividers.  I had so many compliments on this banner – it outshone any I have ever created on my own.  Trust me, the workmanship is amazing.  I can only image the time and energy that went into this thing!
Banners aren’t the only thing that PE & BR have in their shop.  Check out some of their other great products:

{Beautiful, no?}

 {My son would LOVE this}

{Great vintage Barbie Cupcake Toppers Printable}

{Great wands for a Fairy or Garden themed party}

I seriously had to force myself not to post anymore pictures… everything is just so cute!
They were a pleasure to work with and responded to emails in a very timely manner.  I definitely recommend Pink Elephants and Blue Rhinos.