I’m sure you’ve seen Elves Zip Lining all over children’s houses this Christmas – maybe even yours has done it. But parents, you are missing a HUGE opportunity! I mean, BIG! Our Shelf Elf, Christina Marie, set-up a zip line from our built-in’s to our Christmas Tree. She hung on for dear life all through Friday. Saturday morning we awoke to see she had finished her descent and had crashed into the Christmas Tree. Poor elf! Although we initially giggled at her plight, my daughter started to get worried. What if she really hurt herself!?

Do not MISS this opportunity! Elf on the Shelf gets bed rest after a horrible zip lining accident!The next morning my daughter awoke and rushed downstairs, hoping to find Christina Marie up to her usual antics… but alas, she was in bed with a band-aid on her head and a doll nurse watching over her. Now I decided to keep this adventure to a limited three days, but if you’re really struggling with remembering to move your elf, you can take this a step further!. Wrap your elf’s leg in a bandage to resemble a cast and leave a doctor’s note demanding the poor Elf has to rest – you could easily stretch this out to two weeks of non-movement! If you remember, add a new signature to the cast every now and again to keep things interesting!