Mason, my soon to be 5 year old son (gasp!  Is it really possible that my sweet little babe is turning 5 in two short months?!?) requested an Army themed birthday party this year.  He makes me laugh because he is JUST like me.  As soon as he made that announcement he started making plans on what he wanted included.  Example: “Mom, can you find those Army Men with the sheets above their heads, you know, the ‘chutes?  I want those in the goody bags please.  Wouldn’t that be cool?”  Yup, I think I’ll keep him!

I brainstormed for a short while on the invitations… and when I say brainstormed, I really mean browsed Pinterest.  I saw a handful of invites and really liked one that was a draft notice.  I closed my browser and opened Illustrator with a “draft notice” style in mind and then ended up with these:

Dog Tag Birthday InviteIsn’t funny how our creativity gets away from us sometimes?  I don’t know how my draft notice invite evolved into a Dog Tag Birthday Invitation, but I’m pretty happy with them.  I bought a 50  ball chain key chains for $5 on eBay, so these puppies will be pretty authentic, in a flat, paper sort of way.  The invitees name will go on the front one and the party details on the 2nd.  They look pretty cool hanging, but my camera lens busted and I just couldn’t manage to get a good shot with my long range lens.  The above picture was just the prototype, but I don’t think I’ll be making any changes.
Have you hosted an Army or Army Man party?  Share some of your ideas!  I’m in full planning mode and would love to see some fun examples.
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