Facing surgery and relying on crutches? Don’t let uncomfortable or unsightly crutch pads bring you down! This post will guide you through creating quick and easy DIY crutch pad covers, transforming your crutches from basic to beautiful.

DIY Crutch Pad Covers

Excuse my appearance – this was the day post-surgery!

The night before my recent knee surgery, I pulled out my old crutches that had been in my parent’s garage, only to discover a crumbled pad. While a spare crutch offered a replacement pad, the mismatched look left me feeling a little self-conscious. Determined for a more stylish solution, I decided to create DIY crutch pad covers.


My initial attempt involved cutting square fabric pieces and marking up so that I could sew it into a hexagon. After sewing and flipping the fabric inside out, I had a perfectly functional cover. Unfortunately, limited fabric meant this solution wouldn’t work for both crutches. Whoops.

Digging through my fabric stash, I stumbled upon a failed sundress belt. It dawned on me – this was the perfect material for a crutch pad cover! With a bit of creativity, I could transform a fashion miss into a functional and stylish crutch accessory. So keep reading to learn how I made my crutch pad covers!

For two standard adult crutches, I needed the following supplies:

15″ High x 25″ Wide piece of fabric
Sewing Machine
Fabric Scissors


Fold the fabric in half and sew down the long edge. Turn the tube you just created right side out.

Center the seam in the middle and iron the tube flat – see picture for more clarity!

Before we start cutting, let’s figure out where exactly to make the cuts! Lay your crutch flat on top of the fabric. You want the narrower end of the fabric to sit outside the edge of the existing crutch pad, ensuring that the cover fits snugly. Look for the diagonal line in the photo above to see what I mean!

Here’s a handy trick: You only need to mark one diagonal line initially. Use a ruler to measure the width of the crutch pad and mark that distance on the opposite side of the fabric. This allows you to fold the fabric in half and use the initial diagonal cut as a guide for the other side.

Now, grab your fabric pen or marker and confidently mark both sides of the fabric with your cutting lines.

Now comes the cutting! Grab your fabric or pinking shears and carefully cut along the diagonal line you marked, going from the edge of the fabric up to the corner. As I mentioned above, I then folded the fabric in half, lined my cut piece up with the other mark and used this as a guide to cut my left side.

This will create a slightly angled piece that perfectly fits the shape of your crutch pad. Tip: Once you’ve cut the first piece, use it as a template for the second crutch pad cover to ensure both pieces are identical.


Sew up each of the sides and flip the fabric right side out.

Lastly, cut a small length of Velcro and sew it on either side of the inside of the pad cover along the bottom edge.

Slip on the crutch pad cover and…ta-da! Say goodbye to mismatched crutch pads. Now you’ve got a stylish set of wheels, and no one will even suspect you started with a brown and gray pad situation. Plus, these DIY covers are comfy and washable, making your whole crutch experience a little more delightful.

Worried that the crutch pads will hurt your hands if you are using them for more than a few days? Yes, it can happen! For an extra dose of plushness, consider adding a layer of batting between the fabric pieces before stitching. This padding will provide additional comfort during extended crutch use. However, for short-term crutch use like mine, the single layer of fabric works just fine.