My nephews 10th birthday was yesterday and when I asked his mom what he wanted for a gift she said she really didn’t have a clue.  He has everything he needs, so what do you get a kid that has everything? I sat on it a few days and had decided I might just get him a gift card or do a fun cash gift.  As I was cruising around Facebook, the chat window popped up from my SIL:

At first I thought it was her just passing along a message, but I pretty quickly figured out it was actually Noah, my nephew.  This just made my night.  I love that my nieces and nephews instantly think of me when they have a creative idea.  When he told his mom he was going to ask me to make one, she asked if he knew if I actually knew how to make one.  His response?  “Mom, Aunt Kim can make anything!”  Awww!  Thanks for the vote of confidence buddy.

No, I had never made a duct tape wallet.  I have seen them before and even held one so I knew the construction of it was fairly simple.  I decided on how I would do the billfold, but wasn’t sure how I wanted to add the pockets… so of course I turned to trusty Google and came across a super simple Duck Tape Wallet Tutorial from Crafty Nest.  Super easy to follow and the end result was exactly what I wanted.

Here is the bright red wallet for the birthday boy:

I’m happy with the end result and it only took 30 minutes total.  Gotta love Duct Tape!
The above wallet was my second attempt.  To keep things real, below is my first.  Nothing inherently wrong with it, but I felt like I could make it a little better.

What have you made out of duct tape?