Are you considering giving camping a go? Or maybe you’re prepping for an upcoming camping trip? Then keep reading because I think you’re going to love my Free Printable Camping Packing Checklist!


Personally I am excited that May has finally arrived. The warm weather has started to push through and we can get our camper fired up! I’ve been camping since I was a child and I love it. I love how relaxing it is. I really enjoy how the kids are unplugged and outside getting dirty. It also enables us to connect as a family and enjoy the outdoors. 

This year we have two big week-long camping trips and a ton of weekend and long weekend trips scheduled. We are lucky to have 4 other families that join us on one or all of our trips. The cousins love to play together and lots of times we are trading kids at night, or they are all squishing up together. They are making so many memories, it makes my heart swell. 

What do we do camping, you may ask? TONS! I have an arts and crafts box that I store in my camper, as do the other mamas we camp with.

We’ll do crafts outside, like painting rocks, making hats, or bird houses. We also do a lot of swimming, hiking, catching bugs, fishing and bike riding. Card games are a biggie for our group and as the kids play together in the sites or on the playgrounds, we’ll sit down for cards. One of my favorite parts is sitting around the campfire at night just chatting.

Are you new to camping? This Camping Packing Checklist is perfect for campers that are just starting out. The first few times we camped when we bought our first travel trailer, we would always leave something behind. It NEVER failed. Finally I made a checklist to help me get prepared.

Now that we have a travel trailer, we basically have double everything – one for the house, one for the camper. But before getting the RV I had the checklist laminated and referenced it each trip.  

 Download the file to your computer and open in Adobe Reader. Print it and you’re ready to start your camping prep. The camping checklist is for personal use only.

Do you camp? Do you go in a tent or in a camper?

Even if you’re not someone who enjoys the outdoors, I think taking your kids camping once or twice is a must, and who knows, you might find yourself relaxing and enjoying yourself!