This past weekend I pulled out our camper craft kit and let the kids have at. They came up with all sorts of fun things to make! But the one that really stuck out and I thought I would share was their Clothespin Mini-Me’s. My niece had used a small chipboard disc to draw her head on. She was using the small circle as a puppet. My son had been coloring on clothespins, so we ended up combining the two to create a really fun clothespin kids craft that they used the rest of the weekend!

Clothespin PuppetsSupplies Needed:

Clothespin Kids CraftChipboard or thick cardstock


Hot glue


Yarn (optional)

Google Eyes (optional)


Color a clothespin with markers and set aside. Cut a circle – 1″-2″ in diameter out of the chipboard.

Color a face onto the circle. Optional: Glue on yarn for hair and google eyes.

Clothespin Kids CraftCut the circle in half. Glue one half to the top portion of the clothespin and the other half to the bottom portion.

That’s it! You’re all set to play with your Mini-Me!

What have you and your kids made with clothespins?