I am so delighted to be guest posting on Kim’s blog today as part of the fabulous Creativity Week!
 My name is Leslie and I have a little piece of blogland over at Night Owl Crafting


I have 3 children, Brock 9, Jaylee 2, and  Daxen 7 months.
They bring me so much joy and keep me very busy.
I should also mention my sweet husband who puts up with my
crafting and blogging!

I craft at night after my kiddos go to bed which explains the name of my blog! I have 2 link parties a week called Hoo are you? and Hoo’s got talent? I would love for you to come and check them out and link up to them. I also am a high school special education teacher, so I need fast crafts for the little time I have to spend on them. So that is what I am showing off today. Simple ways to add
wheat to your Thanksgiving decorations!
Idea #1
Make a standing piece or centerpiece

This is really easy to do. Take your wheat and cut it to your preferred size.
Then take a rubber band or hair tie and wrap it around the wheat.
Next take your ribbon and tie it around and cute the ends.
To make it stand pull apart the bottom of the wheat.
It really is that simple!
Idea #2
Tie it to the back of your dining room chairs!

Simply just take your wheat and tie ribbon around it and then around the chair.
Idea #3

Make a hanging for your door!
I just took a frame and spray painted it orange.
Then I wrapped ribbon around my wheat and tied it to the frame.
I also added some fall berries and leaves to pull the color of the
frame together with the wheat.
I have so many more ideas, but I figured 3 was good for today!
Sorry about the pictures being dark, that’s that what happens when
you are a night owl crafter!
Thanks Kim for letting me be a participate in the Creativity Week party this year!
This is why I love Creativity Week.  We get so many different ideas and styles, all coming together in one place.  I love Leslie’s use of wheat and it is nothing I would have thought of on my own, but I could totally see hanging something like these on my door or in my entryway.  Thanks for the great idea!