One of my best friends (and cousin) Melissa turned 30 today so we had her over for dinner, cake and ice cream and a little board game fun.  Her, her boyfriend and his son joined us and our three kids – they all get along great and took off to play as soon as he arrived. 
Of course I can’t let a birthday go unnoticed, so my kids and I did up a few decorations (my daughter said it was Aunt Mel’s party – we NEEEEEED to decorate!) and I put together a couple of fun gifts, that could totally double as party favors/table decorations at a shin-dig!  The green tissue paper balls are for another event and the yellow chinese lantern was in my craft room.  I also had left over streamers that I snipped to make a fringe streamer.  And a few handmade party hats for the kids using scrapbook paper added the perfect touch! Not bad for last minute pieced together decor!

First up is a take on a popular 30’s gift, 30 Lollipops with a sign that says 30 Sucks.  But I absolutely hate the word suck, it’s just one of those words that gets under my skin, so I crossed that puppy out and totally added in the truth: 30 ROCKS, baby!  Hasn’t anyone told you? 30 is the new 20!

Anyway, I also found a foam finger at Dollar Tree and made another candy piece with peanut butter M&M’s and Rock Candy:
And yes, we snacked on these during the evening!
I’ve made the printables available for download so you can use them at a 30th Birthday Bash – seriously, these would look awesome on a dessert table!
I also slaved my butt off in the kitchen making this cake (come on! You know me by now! Thanks goes out to Dunkin Hines!) and I just winged the frosting job, but I kinda dig it.

After dinner cake and ice cream we played couples Outburst! while the kids snuggled down and watched a movie…sadly, my hubby and I lost.  Once 8:30 rolled around it was time to get the kids ready for bed, and Mel’s sweet boy hadn’t had a nap today so they whisked him home for bed as well.  We’re wild, I tell you.  PARTY ANIMALS!  But hey, we had a good time, so that’s what matters!