Mermaid Themed Little Girls RoomThis super simple Felt Flower Bunting was easy enough to make that my 5 year old daughter was able to help. She always loves when she gets to use a needle and thread! Plus she was really proud when she saw it hanging on her bed when she finally saw her Mermaid Room.

DIY Felt Flower Garland

To make your own DIY Felt Flower Bunting you will need:


Large Crochet Needle


Hot Glue

Optional: Cricut Explore and Fabric Interfacing

I used my Cricut Explore to cut the flowers for this project – it gave me perfect flowers and took less time than if I handcut these. However, hand cutting is totally possible for this!

To create the flowers with the Explore:
Iron fabric interfacing onto the back of the felt following the directions on the package.

Place the felt, interfacing side down, onto a Cricut mat.

Cricut FlowerIn Cricut Design Space insert a flower of your choice  (I chose a flower and then added a circle for it’s center that I cut on a different color felt). Size it appropriately and click GO!

Cricut Cutting Felt TutorialSelect the number of flowers you want to make and click apply. This will tile the flowers on the mat for you. Click Go.

Set the Cricut Dial to Custom and in the cut menu, select Felt and start cutting.

Cricut Explore cut Felt FlowersNow that you have your flowers, it’s time to assemble the garland:

DIY Felt Flower GarlandPlace the felt circle on top of your flower and then lay a button on top. Thread a crochet needle with a long length of yarn.

DIY Felt FlowerInsert the needle through the back of the flower, circle and through the button. Go back through the other hole and down through the circle and flower. Pull the yarn all the way until you have your flower towards the end of the yarn.

DIY Felt Flower GarlandOnce you have it where you want it, tie a knot. Do this again for each flower, making sure to space them how you want them on the yarn. Tie a knot on each end of the yarn and you’re done!

That’s it! String as many as you want and then hang in a room, for party decor or whatever else you can think up!