I am participating in an upcoming campaign with {styled} by Tori Spelling, a crafters dream jewelry line.  I needed some way to display the pieces I created as well as make it easy for you all to see the steps I took to create the complete look.
I really have no need for an expensive jewelry bust so I figured I could probably make my own.
I had some cardboard that was used as a protective cover for a large item I had printed (60″ x 48″!!!) so I took a piece of that, grabbed a pencil, scissors and my Xacto knife and created this:

I looked at pictures of busts online to get a rough idea of shape and then sketched it onto the cardboard.

  I drew the right side shape of the bust onto a sheet of paper, cut it out and used it to trace onto the board.  Flip over your stencil and do the same for the left side.  If I do this again I would probably use freezer paper to create a stencil to use to draw onto the cardboard.  That way I could fold the paper in half to create a nice symmetrical shape in the neckline.
Use your Xacto knife to score (lightly cut the cardboard, but don’t go all the way through) along the side lines and the neck fold line.

Fold along the score lines, add a punch on either side of the back flaps and add a string to secure in place.
I’ll warn you in advance that the following pictures were taken in my basement at 11:30 at night… when I realized I hadn’t done so and this post was going live in the morning and I’d be at work and have no way to take pictures in natural light that day!  {Phew!  Can anyone say “run on sentence”?}

I covered mine with white felt (because that is what I had on hand) using spray adhesive and hot glue.
This could definitely be “dressed up” using twill, satin, or other materials.

{It’s currently hanging out in my craft room… until I’m sure I won’t need it anymore, and then because it cost me nothing to create it, I can recycle it guilt free!}

Make sure you come back on June  7 to see the bust in action!
Happy Creating! ~Kim

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