Christmas is fast approaching. Are you ready? I needed one more gift for Mason, my 13-year-old. Mostly because he is getting a rather big item this year, and I wanted him to still have a few other gifts to be able to open. I’ve seen some pretty cook explosion boxes that scrapbookers make. They fill them with photos and other mementos. My wheels began turning and I decided a Snack Explosion Box would be a fun and inexpensive gift for a teen.

DIY Snack Explosion Box - a fun gift for teens and college students

If you’re not familiar with an Explosion Box, it’s simply a box that, when you remove the cover, the sides fall down. Usually, there is more than one box, so when you open one, there’s another box inside. Here’s a look at my DIY Snack Explosion Box:

Do you know someone that would enjoy this? Really you can do it with anything that is small enough to be attached to the inside sides of the box! I could easily envision an art supply explosion box! Ready to make one?
DIY Candy Exploding Box



2-3 Boxes with lids that can nest inside each other
Xacto Knife or Box Cutter
Cutting Mat
Packing Tape
Candy or other treats


Slit the side corners of the bottom piece of the first box.

DIY Explosion Box - A fun teen gift idea

Lay the box flat.

DIY College Student Gift Idea

If your box has flaps like mine did, tape them down so they don’t get in the way.

Place your treats on the sides.

Slit the side corners of the bottom piece of the 2nd box and place it inside the first.

Again, tape down the flaps and place your treats on the sides.

Now that the treats are all placed and you’ve figured out where everything goes, tape the treats into place.

Candy Box Gift

Fold the sides up on the inside box and place the cover on it.

Do the same for the outer box.

Your explosion box is ready for gifting!

NOTE: You can do more than 2 boxes, that’s just what I ended up with.

I would totally send this off to a college student as a surprise gift! Who would you gift a candy snack box too?