Once a month I do a craft with my daughter’s 1st-grade class. This month I decided to make sensory discovery bottles. They’re easy to do with a lot of kids and everyone seems to enjoy them. They’re great for quiet time and keeping kids entertained in car rides or at restaurants. They are PERFECT for toddlers, but even older children enjoy them, especially if they get to help make them. Sensory bottles are super easy to customize. I’m going to do two versions with the class and today I’m sharing the girly version I came up with! This DIY Unicorn Sensory Bottle is a fun and whimsical bottle! I used items I had around the house for my test bottle, but will be running out to pick up more bottle filler so that it is an even more fun Unicorn Wonderland!
DIY Unicorn Sensory Bottle Kids Craft Tutorial



Plastic See-Through Bottle
Items to put inside the bottle such as beads, plastic confetti, pom-poms, buttons
Glycerine, Baby Oil or Vegetable Oil
Duct Tape
Vinyl or stickers


Doesn’t this Sensory Bottle look like a fun craft to make and play with? To do this with a group of children I definitely recommend setting up stations – have several bowls filled with the supplies that go inside the bottles, a station for the oil, a station for the glitter, and a station for the vinyl. Don’t have vinyl or a craft cutting machine? That’s OK! You can use stickers too. Having everything set-up and ready to go will make the task of helping multiple children go much easier!

DIY Unicorn Sensory Bottle Tutorial

So what are we doing for the bottle for those that aren’t into unicorns? We’re sticking with a mythical theme and will be doing DRAGONS! That bottle will have red and green glitter, with red and green beads, buttons, and confetti.