While browsing Facebook recently I came across a video from Oriental Trading that showed some really adorable toilet paper tube windsocks. Instantly I thought how adorable it would be to turn them into a DIY Windsock Pinata Craft – and that’s just what my daughter and I did.

Olivia has really been missing my parents. They left for Florida in the winter and by the time they came back in March, we were all self-isolating, so it’s been months and months since she’s been able to see and hug them. I asked her if she wanted to make these DIY Windsock Pinata’s that we can drop off on their porch as a way to bring a little smile to their faces. She jumped at the chance and we got to work.

Ready to make your own?


DIY Windsock Pinata Supplies

  • Toilet paper tube
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Yarn or String
  • Tissue Paper
  • Candy or other small objects

Windsock/Pinata Directions

Start by deciding what you are going to make. Olivia chose a unicorn and I went with a butterfly.

With the toilet paper tube and tissue paper, trace around the opening of the tube onto the tissue paper.

Cut out the circle and glue into the bottom of the tube.

Cover the tube in paper using scissors and hot glue.

Add embellishments as you see fit.

Poke a hole in either side of the front of your tube.

Insert yarn or string from the outside into the tube and knot.

Do the same for the other side to create a loop to hang the windsock.

Fill the pinata with candy or other small objects.

Again trace the tube onto tissue paper and cut out the circle, this time adhering it to the top of the pinata. Alternatively you can use the same paper that you covered the tube with.

Your DIY Windsock Pinata Craft is complete! Will you be gifting it to someone or keeping it for yourself?!

To open the pinata, simply poke a hole in the tissue paper and shake the candy out! Or if you attached a tail to the bottom like we did with the unicorn, simply yank the tail and the candy falls out!

The best part? The windsock is still intact, so the recipient can hang it in their window to be reminded of you each and every day!

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