Fingerprint Blueberries Kid's Craft {Dolen Diaries for 733 blog}

Hello Seven Thirty Three friends! It’s Shelly from Dolen Diaries here to share my favorite kind of blueberries….Fingerprint Blueberries!

We look forward to blueberry season every summer and it’s finally here! Have you ever tried freezing fresh blueberries? Trust me they aren’t like the frozen blueberries you buy in the store, they are a delicious frozen treat {my boys say they taste like candy}! My whole family is crazy about them! We had so much fun picking berries in the warm sun that I thought we needed to do a little blueberry art for our hallway gallery. Here’s how you can help your kiddos make their own Fingerprint Blueberries….

You’ll need:

  • white cardstock
  • kraft cardstock
  • scissors
  • pencil or pen
  • bone folder
  • blue kid’s craft paint
  • paper plate or dish for paint

Take the kraft cardstock and cut it in 1/2 and trim the sides off at an angle.

Draw the berry basket holes.

Cut out the berry basket holes and fold the top over to make the lip of the basket.

Put a strip of glue under the lip flap.

Using a bone folder press the lip down. *This will help the glue set quickly.

Trim the lip edges down a bit and you’ve got your berry basket!

Glue your berry basket onto the white cardstock {used leftover cardstock from our Minecraft Target Practice so they were roughly 8 x 8}.

Now it’s time for paint! Pour some blue kid’s craft paint onto a paper plate, have the kids dip their pointer finger in, & print away!

Ash said his were falling into his basket. {Don’t you just love the thought that kids put into their artwork!?!}

Aren’t these the most darling blueberries you’ve ever seen!?! Want to see where & how I display my boys’ fingerprint blueberries? Hop on over to Dolen Diaries to read all about my Kid’s Art Gallery Magnetic Frames. While you are there don’t forget to check out my other kid’s crafts & activites as well as my projects! See you next month!