Numbered Baby BlocksFor this month’s #CreativeBuzz project I made some soft number baby blocks for my 6 month old niece, Adelie. Don’t forget to scroll to the end of the post to see 8 other amazingly creative Number Themed Crafts from some of my favorite bloggers.

Adelie gave these over-sized baby blocks a thumbs up! My friends 16 month old daughter, Everleigh was also into them. She enjoyed pointing out all the animals in the fabric, and my daughter lined the blocks up by number and was counting them as Everleigh pointed to each. All three of them had a grand ole time with these blocks.

How to Sew Baby Blocks

These Soft Number Baby Blocks are super simple to make – I did 5 of them in about an hour! Let’s go ahead and give them a go, shall we?

Pick out 7-8 fabrics that you want to use for your blocks. I bought a bundle of fat quarters, which was more than enough fabric. You need to cut out 30 squares total for 5 blocks. I made my blocks large, so cut 5×5 squares.

Fabric Squares for Baby BlocksLayout the squares for each block so you can make sure that none are alike.

Baby Blocks TutorialI added 1 number to each block. To do so I used Silhouette Fabric Interface. I cut the numbers with my Silhouette CAMEO and then ironed them onto one square per block. Go ahead and sew into place.

How to Sew Baby BlocksNow it’s time to start sewing the blocks together. I first sewed the four blocks in the center together. Grab the bottom two, put them right sides together and sew one side together with a .25″ seam allowance. Grab the next square and do the same thing, until you have all four squares sewn together in a line.

How to Sew Baby BlocksNow we’re going to grab one of the squares that forms the T. That gets sewn to the side of the 2nd square. Put right sides together and sew with a .25″ seam. It’s OK if you go onto one of the other squares a bit.

Soft Baby BlocksDo the same for the last square. You should now have all your squares sewn together into the shape of a T.

Now it’s time to create the sides.

Soft Baby BlocksThis is hard to explain so I numbered the squares in the above picture to help. You want to line side 1 up with side 6, right sides together and sew together with a .25″ seam.

Sewing Soft Baby BlocksDo the same for side 1 and 5. Now 6 to 3 and so on, until you only have one side left.

Sewing Baby BlocksMake sure you leave a 2″ hole in the last side for turning.

Numbered Baby BlocksI sewed in from each side about an inch and left the 2″ gap in the middle.

Soft Baby Blocks TutorialTurn right side out and poke the corners out and fill with batting. Use a simple whip stitch to sew the side shut.

Numbered Baby Blocks Tutorial

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