Do you like Embroidery Hoop Art? I am absolutely enamored with all of the adorable one’s that Bev from Flamingo Toe’s creates. You HAVE to check out the cuteness! I kept seeing her Hoop Art pop up in my Pinterest feed and it inspired me to create my own. Since I was feeling inspired and I planned on hanging it in my craft room, I decided to create some “Inspire” Hoop Art.

diy-hoop-artThis is a super simple project that took just a few minutes to create, but it is so adorable and I love looking at it. As I was creating it, but daughter walked by and she “ooohed” and “awwwwed” over it, so I know I’m not the only one that thinks it’s sweet.

"Inspire" Hoop ArtI used a 4″ Hoop and white fabric. I have several hoops on my craft room wall with some fun patterned fabric, so I used that fabric to create a tiny bunting that I then stitched onto the white fabric with embroidery thread. I created another stitched line and then a free hanging line.

DIY Hoop ArtOn the computer I created the “Inspire” flag and color matched it to a coral on the fabric. I printed it onto cardstock and cut it out. I hot glued a mini clothespin to the top of the hoop and attached the “Inspire” flag and my sweet little “Inspire” Hoop Art was complete.

What do you think? Are you going to give Hoop Art a try? There are so many things you can do with it – I love the multimedia aspect and how modern these can be!

I’ve made the little “inspire” flag available as a free download in multiple colors in case you want to recreate this look!

Download the “Inspire” Flag in pdf format.

Personal use only. Do not alter.