I haven’t read a book in three and a half years. An actual paperback book, that is.

I’ve had a Kindle and iPad and have read hundreds (yes, you read that right) of books in that time period. But my co-worker recommended a book and she had it in paperback so brought it in for me to read. It was actually nice to hold a book in my hands again. As a reader I love books. I love their smell, the sound they make when turning the pages, even the act of turning the pages. It was like me an old friend were catching up!
But I had one problem. My co-worker doesn’t dog ear her books which meant I couldn’t do it either. Rather than just use a scrap piece of paper I decided to whip up some cute bookmarks!
What do you think? Do you still read book-books?
Do you have use for a fun bookmark?
Then download the Bookmarks pdf file via Google Docs and get to reading!
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