I was working on some fun printables a few weeks ago and as I was creating them, an idea popped into my head – A Mother’s Day Ribbon.I think this would be perfect to dress up a gift, a bouquet of flowers, or even add a pin on it and make the Mom-of-Honor wear it on Mother’s Day! Or switch it up and make one for a birthday kid or Bride-to-Be. So versatile.
Here’s how to make one.
Scrapbook paper
Cut a strip of paper (mine was 2″ x 8″ – I needed two) and accordion fold. If you have two like I did, you will need to hot glue the two pieces together.
Fold into a circle and glue in place.
I created a Happy Mother’s Day Tag on the computer, printed it off and used my 2″ scallop punch to cut it out and hot glued it to the center of the circle.
Next, cut two pieces of ribbon and affix to the back with hot glue.
Optional: glue a pin to the back so Mom can pin it to her shirt!
Easy right? This would be a fun craft for kids to do for their Grandma or Mom.