Hello Seven Thirty Three friends! It’s Shelly from Dolen Diaries here to share a paper plate noise maker kid’s craft! The Dolens are totally into World Cup! With three boys {including my husband, who still plays soccer on a men’s indoor team} who play league soccer and one little one who plays in the backyard, World Cup is a entertainment dream! All of us are glued to each game calculating where the outcome puts the USA team. After each game the boys all rush outside to play their own version of World Cup in our backyard. It’s SO much fun!

My youngest, Kell, loves to sit on the steps and watch the Dolen Cup games. He cheers with the same intensity that the big boys do during the actual World Cup and I felt like he needed something to really take it to the next level. What better way than with a noise maker!?!

Here’s how:

We started with two paper plates and some markers. {I pulled grey to fill in for white.}

I drew a USA on one and Kell drew some artistic designs on the other. He was quite pleased that I was drawing with him. He actually told me at one point that I was doing a good job. It basically made me melt into the bench, he’s such a doll!

Once we had our 2 decorated plates it was time to assemble! To assemble your noise maker you’ll need:

  • large craft stick
  • tape
  • some dry beans {we used about 15 pinto beans}
  • stapler & staples

Next, I taped a big craft stick to inside bottom of one of the plates.

Then, I laid the other plate on top of the craft stick/plate combo and stapled them together. Leaving a space at the top for the “noise” to go in. *Staple closely together so your beans don’t go popping out as you shake your noise maker.

Kell felt like the minute it took me to staple was a little boring so he spiced it up a bit by hiding. I wonder where he could be!?!

Finally, it was time to put the “noise” in! Since we were working out on our porch the spacing in between the table slats worked perfectly as a plate holder. Kell dropped each bean inside the plates ever so carefully.

After a couple more staples, he was ready to cheer loud enough for all to hear with his paper plate noise maker!

Don’t forget to pop by Dolen Diaries to check out my other kid’s crafts & activites as well as my other projects! See you next month!