Today I am going to share with you the favor bags I made for my son’s Monster Bash birthday party.  These were super simple… if you follow seven thirty three you may think they look familiar.  That is because I just revised my Valentine Bag Toppers!  And of course I am sharing with all of you!  To download your Monster Bag toppers click HERE!
I also worked on the birthday banner this weekend, but somehow I misplaced the “H”, “A”, and “P” so was unable to finish.  Once I reprint and get it put together, I’ll share the completed banner!  You can print the components HERE, cut them out and put them together for your own Monster Birthday Banner!  And if you click HERE you’ll find even more Monster Bash related fun!

We also worked on our pass-through from the kitchen to the living room.  Unfortunately the way we had it planned wouldn’t work due to studs this and headers that and of course that darn floating-in-the-middle-of-the-wall-fridge, so we ended up going with two narrow ones on either side of the fridge (see more about our decision and our kitchen changes HERE).  Even though it isn’t exactly what I wanted it is still so much better than none at all.  The kids have had a blast saying “hi” through the windows!  We are finishing up the trim and hopefully we will finish it up when we get back from vacation later this week!