Shamrock Rainbow Art {Dolen Diaries for 733 Blog}

Hey friends! For those of you that I haven’t met, I’m Shelly from Dolen Diaries. I was a kindergarten teacher before staying home with my 3 crazy, fun boys. I love getting creative with them! At the end of each month I pop on over here and share one of our latest kid crafts. One of my favorite art projects for this time of year is my paper plate rainbow but this year we decided to add a new rainbow to the mix… Shamrock Rainbow Art!

Watercolor Shamrocks

Supplies Needed:

  • shamrock black & white outline printed on cardstock {click here to download}
  • watercolors
  • paint brush
  • water

Watercolor Shamrocks {Dolen Diaries for 733 Blog}

One of my favorite things to do is have everything all set up and surprise one of my boys or two with a little mama – son painting date.

Fine motor practice

Painting with water colors is a great way for kiddos to work on their fine motor control. It is also a great way for the littles, like my 3 yr. old, to practice sequencing. Water, paint, paper, water, paint, paper. When I am painting with my youngest, we actually chant that order. It helps him remember the order of water coloring. I did the same with my older two boys so now it’s all about the creativity and the time together.

Shamrock Art

I love all the conversations that happen while we work on our art.

Shamrock Kids Craft

I get to hear all about the woes and triumphs of the school playground and anything else that is on their minds.

Shamrock Rainbow Art with Free Printable

Did you know that it only takes 10 minutes a day of true quality time with each of your kiddos to build them up!?! Just 10 minutes! Get your 10 minutes of quality time and a lovely piece of Shamrock Rainbow Art perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!