I love snarky cards. I find them humorous and I love anything that can actually cause me to laugh! I especially love teasing my mom. She is one of those people that falls for LOOK! “Gullible” is written on the ceiling!” We especially love to tease her about how my middle brother, who is 9 years younger than me, is her favorite child. I was laying in bed one night and was laughing at earlier in the day when I had been picking on my mom and thought! HUH! That could be a funny greeting card… and that led to four funny Mother’s Day cards.
Funny Printable Mother's Day Cards

Hopefully you get my humor, and know someone else (your mom, maybe?) who appreciates it as well and you can send them one of these to put a smile on their face.

I especially love the butt one. I have a couple of new moms in my life that would TOTALLY appreciate that one!

Free Downloads: Available as pdf downloads. Save to your computer, open in Adobe Reader. Print onto cardstock, trim, fold and gift! Personal use only. Do not alter.
I’ve had fun making these and I would love to make more, so lay you’re snarkiest/funniest “mom” related phrase in the comments below and I might just turn it into a card!