Summertime is approaching and along with it comes road trips and long days. Kids are often heard saying to their parents “I’m booooreeedd!” This year you can be prepared ahead of time to help deflect the inevitable Summer Boredom with this printable Summer Activity Book and Journal.

Printable Summer Fun Activity Book and Journal

Each day have your child take out their Summer Fun Activity Book and Summer Journal and complete one of the 4 activity pages, write in the journal pages, using the writing prompts if necessary, tackle one of the items on their Summer Bucket List, or read a book and fill in their reading chart! Plus, all of the pages double as coloring pages.

Printable Summer Fun Activity Book and Journal

And of course the best part about this is it is a printable, which means you can print multiple pages and use it for multiple children. Ran out of journal pages? No worries, just print more!

Printable Summer Fun Activity Book and Journal with Writing Prompts

I added my kids activity books to binders, which is an easy solution, or you could have them spiral bound or simply staple the pages together. We keep their books in their travel bag, so anytime we have a long trip heading out for a camping weekend, they have their books to keep them entertained. These make great momemtos as well – they’ll be able to look back over their summer and re-experience all of the great memories that they made by reading through the journal pages.

Now that you’ve seen everything including in the activity book and journal, you’ll want to download it below! This great summer activity is sure to help keep the kids out from behind the screens!

Printable Activity Cubes to get kids up and moving!

And as a bonus for downloading this activity book, I’ve included my Printable Activity Cubes. These are a fun way to get kids up and moving! Simply roll the cubes and do the activity that is rolled for the amount of time that is rolled! Make it a game, get silly and have fun.

Download the Kids Summer Boredom Buster Printable

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I hope that you and your child enjoy this book and more importantly have a wonderful summer together!