I wanted a pretty hair accessory to wear with a new dress that I bought for our Anniversary trip to Jamaica. I ended up hemming the dress a tad, so I had a small amount of fabric to work with. I decided that a simple layered flower hair clip would work perfectly, plus, it only takes minutes to make which is always a bonus! I used a simple ‘squeeze and glue’ technique and it turned out great. Follow along below to make your own Layered Flower Hair Clip!
Simple Layered Fabric Hair Clip Tutorial


Scrap Fabric
Hot Glue


DIY Fabric Flower Barrette

1. Cut out 4 circles – the first was about 4 inches – make each one a smidge smaller than the previous one.
2. For each circle you will fray the edges but simply pulling at the edges and tearing away some of the threads. Pinch the frayed circle from the back and twist a bit. Secure with hot glue in the middle of the front. {The more you pinch, the more “pucker” you’ll get in the flower}.
3. Layer each pinched circle on top of each other, securing with hot glue. Add a button, pearl or other embellishment.
4. Glue onto a barrette, headband or whatever your little heart desires!
Simple Fabric Flower Barrette Tutorial