My daughter has chosen her 13th Birthday Theme – a Tea Party Luncheon. It’s not everyday you enter your teens, so we’re going classy and sophisticated with this luncheon get together. But don’t worry, we’ll still be playing a few silly games because that’s just what 13 year old girls do! I had fun designing these Tea Party Birthday Invites and in case you can’t tell, it is shaped like a tea bag!
I am wishing I had a different dining room table and chairs set, and more space for a buffet, just so I can set the scene properly, but I don’t, so I’ll work with what I have to throw the ultimate Tea Party Birthday Luncheon ever!
UPDATE: I’ve had so many requests to make this a printable invite, I gave in and did! Download the Tea Party Birthday Invitation!
I’ve also made a bridal shower version since I had so many requests. Download the Tea Party Bridal Shower Invitation.