Sunday was a cold day here in Vermont. The kids and I stayed inside most of the day, so by late afternoon we were feeling a bit cooped up.  I decided we would do an arts and crafts project.
I reached deep and remembered a project I did as a child: a sock Caterpillar!

These are super easy to make and the kids love them because they are able to create a tangible stuffed animal!  You’ll need the following to make your own:
A sock – one with a match is always good.
Rubber bands
Pipe Cleaners
I didn’t take process pictures, but I think you get the gist by the picture above.
Stuff the sock nice and full and then tie off the end.
Use rubber bands to section off the body of the caterpillar.
Use pipe cleaners to create antenna’s and feet by wrapping them around the rubber bands
(feet are optional, I think they help stabilize the caterpillar so it doesn’t roll on its side!).
Hot glue on googly eyes and use fabric markers and other trim to embellish.
These two caterpillars took us about 15 minutes each and provided lots of fun play time.
Wouldn’t these be great as a project for a Hungry Caterpillar Party?
Hope you and your littles have fun creating a custom caterpillar!