The last few year’s I’ve shared a couple of printable New Year’s Eve Crowns that are a perfect activity for the kids on New Year’s Eve. Since 2020 is fast approaching, I updated them so that they can be used again this year!

Printable New Year's Eve Crowns for Kids

I created two versions – one that simply states Happy New Year! and a second that has the new year: 2020 on it. I will print enough crowns for each child to have their own, and maybe a few extra for the adults that like to color too. I typically set them up at a table with some crayons and the children can color them whenever they feel like it. 

These are also fun for a class, church or library activity, so if you are organizing a New Year’s Event with a large group of children, feel free to print a bunch out. Each crown fits on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. Simply print them out, cut them out, color and assemble. Easy peasy, mess-free fun!

What are your New Year’s Eve plans? Quiet night in with family? Braving the crowds for a community event? Or throwing your own? New Year’s is all about new beginnings, so whatever you do, I wish you a happy and healthy 2020!

Download the 2020 New Year’s Eve Crowns.

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