I absolutely love keeping a jar of conversation starters on the dining room table. We try to sit down to dinner as a family at least 4 times per week, and on days where people are either feeling down or there is a lull in conversation, we pull out the jar. The jar is stocked with different questions and topics. My kids actually get really into it and usually pull way more topics from the jar than I ever expected they would. With Christmas approaching, I’ve added some Christmas Conversation Topics to our jar.Printable Christmas Conversation Topics

Maybe you don’t have a conversation jar but you are interested in having one? It’s nothing special, really! Just grab a jar, a cup, or any other vessel that can hold the different conversation starters. Use the printable Christmas Conversation Topics available for download at the bottom of this post to get your jar started. Of course, you can easily add your own too! Just handwrite the questions, statements, or whatever else will get your family chatting onto paper. Cut the topics into strips, fold them and add them to your conversation jar.

Printable Christmas Themed Conversation Starters

Christmas Themed Conversation Starters

Download the Christmas Themed conversation starters in pdf format

Save the pdf of the Christmas Topics to your computer and open the file in Adobe Reader. Print the conversation starters onto 8.5 x 11 paper. Cut out each topic and add to a conversation jar.

This free download includes 10 fun Christmas themed topics. Each person goes around the table picking a topic from the jar, reading it aloud, and answering the question. Sometimes there are debates, or each person takes a turn answering, or sometimes it’s just a one-off answer. There is no right or wrong way – it’s all about getting the conversation flowing and putting down the screens!

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