Last month I hosted a 30 Day Squat Challenge over on my Facebook page (feel free to take up the squat challenge as well! I’m continuing to do 50 squats/day because I saw SUCH great results!). I had a lot of people participate and it was cool hearing how much stronger people got day by day! I decided to go ahead and host another 30 Day Challenge, this time for Arms! Time to get ready for tank top weather, right?!?

30 Day Arm ChallengeThe 30 Day Arm Challenge started yesterday, but I would love for you to go ahead and join us! Simply follow the instructions above – ie: Day 1 you would do 2 sets of 5 push ups, 5 tricep dips and 15 seconds of planks. I will be posting daily reminders over on the seven thirty three Facebook page, so make sure you follow to get the updates. If you are loosing your motivation or need a cheerleader, check in over there – you’ll be surprised with all the support you will receive! We’ll do this together – time to get healthy!

Need help with proper form? Check out these basic videos below:

 A plank is not a strictly an arm exercise, but is really an all over body toning move. It works your arms and shoulders, it’s awesome for your core muscles and also for your glutes and thighs!