{this was 15 months after we started dating… I had JUST turned 18}

1.  My husband and I met when I was 16 and he was 20.  And I didn’t like him at first.  I mean, he wore socks with sandals!
2.  We adopted my oldest child 8 months after we were married.  I was a senior in College.

3.  I was the middle child until I was 14 and my parents started doing foster care.  They went on to adopt three children, so I am now #3 of 6 {and the two youngest… are actually only 4 months apart!  Lil’ Chris is just REALLY tall and Ty is on the short side}!

4.  I love dogs.  I couldn’t have a dog in our first apartment (which was also in the “city”) so I put my cat on a leash, taught him how to fetch and love car rides.  No joke.  Once we moved and got a dog we turned him into an outside cat.  Up till he turned up missing Labor Day weekend he followed us every time the family went for a walk.  The neighbors all laughed.  I miss my little man… they’re have been several sightings on a neighboring road but we have yet to find him.  The above picture is him in the car with his harness (versus a collar) on with my littlest sister…from 2004.

5.  I have my motorcycle license.  I owned a motorcycle from 18 to 22, at which point I sold it because I never had a chance to ride it since I had a child in a car seat!  I still love to tool around on my dad’s bike any chance I get!

6.  I have over 50 cousins.  All of whom live in the same state as me, except for 6.  (I can name ’em too… ready?  Nah.  Just kidding!)

7.  I am always cold.  I like to watch TV with a blanket in the summer and have a space heater in my office at work… I use it when the AC is blowing and people give me funny looks.

8.  I have veneers on my two eye teeth because the real ones are small and pointy.

9.  My left thumb, pointer, ring and pinky fingers are double jointed and I can make my hand look all gimpy because of it.  I can also bend it backwards and touch my wrist.

10.  I played Clarinet, Alto, and Bass Clarinets growing up.

11.  I rode quarter horses from 9 to 17.  I miss them and would like to start again.
{This is the son of my all-time favorite horse.  He is a beauty, as was his Daddy}

12.  I have a thing for maple.  Maple cookies, maple donuts.  Guess its a good thing I live in Vermont!

13.  I am a picky eater.  I mean super picky.  And I hate it.  I try and try and try new things, but usually to no avail.

14.  I wish I had gone to school for event planning and started my own event firm.  I am OCD with planning and it relaxes me. Oh and I make lists – not just for event planning, but for anytime I have a lot going on.  It feels good to check things off.

15. My husband was my first serious boyfriend and we married when I was 20.  I couldn’t drink at my own wedding.  I also couldn’t rent a car on our honeymoon.
16.  I love to read and can read a book in 1 night no problem.  I’m a Sci-Fi/Fantasy girl.  You can call me a dork.  I don’t care.

17.  I wore glasses growing up.  I hated it.  I got contacts at 13 and plan on getting lasik next year.

18.  I wrote poetry growing up.  I kept several books as a pre-teen – teenager, but lost the desire when the books were stolen from my room… still don’t know who did it.  If it was you, could you please return them?

19.  When I met my husband I had just cut my hair super-short, like 2 inches short.  It was the shortest I’d ever had it… and it was pink.  And I had a broken arm with a black cast.  Desirable much?

20.  I have a thing for naming my animals after movie characters.  Above is my Shih-tzu Mushu… any guesses on where his name came from?!?

21.  I have a small tattoo of a wave on my ankle that I got when I turned 18.
22.  I live in a small town in Northern Vermont.  I have to drive 50 minutes to get to my work.  30 minutes to get to Michaels and 40 minutes to get to Walmart.  There is no Target in Vermont.  The closest is in Plattsburgh, NY – 1 hour drive.  We just got an AC Moores – 40 minute drive.  There is no Hobby Lobby.  Joann’s is a 10 minute drive, but is a small store.  #22 shows that I do lots of driving…

23.  I can’t sit still.  If I get a project in my head it needs to be completed immediately.  I will obsess until it is done.  I can’t just start a project and walk away.  It is not in my DNA to do so.  It comes from my Pepere.  My Mom and Brother are the same way.  Sometimes we drive our spouses crazy… but they love us anyway.

24.  I love Disney movies.  My very favorite is The Little Mermaid.  My cousin and I use to pretend to be Ariel in my parents swimming pool when we were 8 years old.  I swear that I sounded JUST like her when I was little… not sure what happened.  {and FYI: I also loved Aladdin and The Lion King… still do!}

25.  I wish I had a cul-de-sac crew {holla to Cougar Town fans!}.  Seriously, I live on a cul-de-sac, it would be so fun.  But my cul-de-sac neighbors are all old and we have nothing in common, so my dream will not be realized anytime soon.

26.  I was an ugly baby.  No, really.  I was one of those that had a face only a Mother could love. This picture doesn’t show how alien I really looked… thankfully I got cuter as I got older.

27.  I am pale.  Like, flour white, pale.  Like I was wearing capris back in May and my MIL asked me why I was wearing white tights under them.  No. Joke.  And it’s not my fault.  I go out in the sun and I sit there and nothing happens.  I have now turned to that Jergen’s lotion that makes you tanner.  It is my friend.
28.  My middle name is Celeste.  It was suppose to be my first name, but my mom fell to peer pressure and chose Kimberly as my first.

29. I don’t mind growing older until I see the pre-teens walking around my neighborhood like they own it.  You see, I grew up in this neighborhood.  It is MY neighborhood.  I was part of the first wave of pre-teens to grow up here.  You don’t own it little girl, I do.  Better not mess with me ~ Ima gonna cut you.  Oops… rein it in a little here Kim!  Really you might just get a little hairy eyeball…
30.  If you haven’t figured it out yet… today is my: 30th Birthday!

Phew!  You’re still with me?  Well I hope you got to know me a little better!
I’m gonna milk this 30th birthday.  Think my husband will bring me dinner in bed after work?  And give the kids their baths and walk the dog and clean the dishes and, and, and?  You’re right.  He probably will.  He’s pretty good to me on my birthday.  Especially since he flew my friend in from NC on Wednesday, got my best friend from High School to drive up from CT on Friday and took care of everything while we went out for a GNO Friday evening.  Saturday came and he threw me a surprise party with 40 of my nearest and dearest.  Definitely a keeper!
{My birthday present!  I may or may not have tried this puppy out in the pool…}
Have a great day ya’all!

Happy Creating! ~Kim

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