Today is my oldest daughter’s 10th Birthday! We had her Day at the Spa Birthday Party last Saturday, and boy, did we have a good time. Let’s go over the details of her party!
I designed these Spa Gift Certificate Invitation with Pouch Envelopes. I laughed when the girls brought them with them to get into the party!
For party favors, I purchased make-up bags at the Dollar Store to use as gift bags. Inside I put toe separators, a towel turban, lipgloss, nail polish, body spray, and spa slippers.

Spa-Themed Cake

Spa-themed Birthday Cake

This spa-themed cake was one of the easiest themed cakes I’ve made! I used two 9-inch round pans to bake the cakes. The head is one of the cakes that I leveled off using a cake leveler.  To make the towel on top of the head I used the bottom of my cake pan to cut out a piece of the second cake so that the towel would fit perfectly on top of the cake head. 
To frost, I did a crumb coat of frosting and placed it in the fridge for a half hour.  Well waiting, I separated the store-bought frosting into three parts.  Using food coloring turn one into a skin tone color, one green, and another a color of your choosing for the towel.
Frost the outer edges of the head in the skin tone, and the inside circle green to look like a face mask. Next, frost the towel and add some strokes to give the towel dimension.  I found wax lips (bonus of having a birthday near Halloween) and just put them on the cake.  I made a little pile of frosting for the nose and the eyes are cucumber slices.  TIP: Put the cucumbers on right before serving the cake – leaving on for more than an hour or two will result in discoloration around the eyes from the cucumber juice soaking in.

Spa Party Activities

Spa Birthday Party
The girls arrived at 11am but the spa didn’t “open” until 12:15, so they had some free time to play and get settled.  It was a great way to build the suspense as well!  The girls could not wait to get downstairs to see the “spa”.
We ate a nice sit-down lunch at 11:30, ate cake, and opened presents.  My two assistants (my amazing cousin and SIL) joined us at noon. After the presents, each girl was given their spa gift package.  They put on their slippers and towel turbans and got into a single file line and we led them downstairs… here is what they saw:
We had shrieks of delight and “this is SOO cool” which made my day.  They grabbed a magazine and settled onto the waiting area couch.  I had set out Green Mountain Day Spa water bottles and snacks.  My assistants and I selected our “appointments” and while we got to work the other girls had beads to make necklaces with and magazines to read and music to listen to.
I wanted to take a picture of the all girls with their face masks so we made sure that the facials were done right in a row.  The girls were giggling throughout the application because my SIL could not do it without an accent.  It was very entertaining.
The facial station was set-up with a large bowl of water and a towel for each girl.  The girls had a chair to sit in.  My SIL wet their faces and then put the mint julep mask on.  When it was time to remove the mask, they sat back in the chair and my SIL wet their towel and removed the mask.  No fuss, no mess!
After their masks were applied they settled onto the couch with cucumbers on their eyes for five minutes.  After that, they just hung out or did other treatments.  After all five girls had their masks on we took a brief moment for a photo shoot:
I was the manicurist and had all of the fun tools.  They got to soak their nails, I applied cuticle conditioner and they got hand massages.  They picked out the color of their choice off the color wall too.  I filed, buffed, and painted their nails. 
My cousin was in charge of pedicures. The girls had a nice comfy chair and stool to sit in.  And us adults had to laugh because they totally DID NOT match their nails to their toes.
I also had a make-up station set-up where they could do each other’s faces.  I had eye shadow, blush, and lip gloss available for them.  My SIL even let my daughter do her make-up (brave girl!).
I must say that the girls took the spa very seriously and we had a blast.  There was girl talk and singing karaoke and lots of beautifying.  My daughter has such a sweet group of friends.  We learned about the boys in class and who was in and who was out in music (Miley is on the out because she has been pole-dancing during her shows) but both Demi and Selena are in.  We had five girls and I thought it was the perfect number.  But I am glad I had my assistants or things would have been much more hectic!