Hello, I’m Katie from the30girl and I’m so excited to be here to share this quick and simple tutorial for a DIY Tulle Pouf Headband.  This little headband is wonderfully suited to girls of all ages, even if you wrote off tulle when you stopped playing dress up.  Since I’ve yet to have a little girl to dress up, I’m still playing, without makeup as you can see.
DIY Tulle Pouf Headband for Little Girls
One of my favorite crafty things to do is to create fabric flowers of all styles.  The following technique for creating a “pouf” can be used with tulle, felt, or any fabric of your choice to create a variety of looks.  You can use these poufs to create headbands, brooches, clothing adornments, and even festive wreaths. 
Steps to making a Fabric Pouf
Supply List: 
32 (2 stacks of 16)  tulle circles (cut to the size of your choice; I use a tin can as my template)
Needle and thread (color should be the same as tulle)
1 black elastic headband (style of your choice)

How to Make a Fabric Pouf Flower

To make one pouf, you’ll need sixteen tulle circles. 
Using a tin can as a template, cut out your circles. If you would like a bigger pouf, use a bigger circle template!
Fold the tulle circle in half; then, fold the semi-circle in half to create a conical shape. 
Next, pull each piece of folded tulle onto your thread by putting the needle through the pointed tip of the folded circle. 
Remove your needle and pull the two ends of your thread together while pushing and pulling the tulle pieces to create a pouf.  Tie off the thread to secure it. 
Repeat steps 1-4 to create two poufs.  
Attach the poufs to the elastic headband with a couple of stitches.  Be sure and attach them very close together so that the two poufs “smoosh” together to form one larger pouf for your headband.
Voila! A feminine and delightfully special pouf for your or your little girl’s head!