We had such a fun time this past weekend celebrating my daughters third birthday with a Little Einstein’s Birthday Party.  We lucked out yet again this year and had AMAZINGLY gorgeous weather.  80+ degrees!  We made sure to have lots of water and places to sit in the shade.  We also opened up the pool this weekend and a few of the brave kids jumped in. All free printables are at the bottom of this post.

DIY Little Einsteins Birthday Party

These are the Little Einstein Birthday Party Invites that I designed:



Note to self – close door and hide cups when photographing! Oh well, real life here people!

I created a number three out of multiple pictures of Olivia over the last year.


I added clusters of white balloons and printed and cut out some Rockets as extra decor.  Looks like they’re flying out of the clouds!
The fruit kabobs were a hit!  I’ve already shared how to make the simple party table decoration below.
Because it was so hot we had to make sure to provide enough drinks.  These custom water bottles did the trick!
  I turned red paper bags into Rocket’s and added the children’s name with washie tape and a sharpie.
I added personalized bubble, a Little Einstein Cookie, a bracelet, and a Little Einsteins necklace.  Along with the pinata candy it was a full bag!


I didn’t sneak anything by you, huh?  Those cookies and necklaces are both amazing, right? The cookies are from Decorated Desserts.  I cannot say enough good things about Beth!  Her cookies are amazing, both the decoration and the taste!  She amazed me with the character detail and the #3 cookies were multi-dimensional.  The staff lines were flat with the white and the notes actually were on top so it added so much depth! Want to stay up to date with Decorated Desserts?  Like the Decorated Desserts Facebook page!

As you can see, everyone enjoyed them!  My Memere has played piano for 73 years and she absolutely fell in love with the musical threes and brought an extra home with her.
The other nifty little favor is those bottle cap necklaces!  They came from Heather at  Little Chic Bowtique, along with my daughters super cute June hairbow:
I was so impressed with this bow!  It actually STAYED IN PLACE the whole party.  That’s HUGE!  Make sure you tune in tomorrow because Little Chic Bowtique has something special in store for my readers!
The picture of the goodie bag above shows the type of bottlecap necklaces the girls received and here’s a shot of the ones the boys got in their bags:
I had a table set up with recycled items, such as toilet paper and paper towel rolls, shoe boxes, bread crumb containers, rubber bands, glue, tape, streamers and markers.  I called the kids over and let them know that Big Jet had broken Quincy’s instruments and we couldn’t sing Happy Birthday to Olivia until we replaced them.  They got to work making some cool things!  I don’t usually do a lot of activities at parties, just tend to let them play, but I’m glad I did this one!  The kids got SO into it.  I kept having to say, “are you down yet?  We’re ready to have cupcakes!” and they’d be like, “ONE more second!”.  Once they were all done we got into a group, called everyone over to the food table and the kids started to play.  It was too cute.  We sang and the cupcakes came out and it really was fun.  Here’s a few of the kids making their instruments:
I didn’t make an extravagant cake this time around.  I had a lot going on this week (husbands gram passed away and my mom was in the hospital).  I made some simple cupcakes and added cupcake toppers.
After cupcakes we attacked the paper bag pinata and scored lots of goodies!
It worked well!  We made it through 5 kids, but Landon is a baseball player and knows how to yield a bat, so he busted that thing right open!  No one minded though when they saw the candy and other treats fall out!
The other piece of decor I had was a LARGE (48″ x 60″) Rocket!  He was flying between two trees with all the characters inside.  My daughter ran up to that thing and kissed it she was so excited! UPDATE: I did a Google search for XL images of Rocket. Unfortunately I DID NOT save the file that I sent to my printer so I am unable to assist you. My best recommendation is to do a search for Little Einstein’s Rocket and see if you can find a high quality image. If you are unsure, send it to a printer and they can tell you how big they can blow it up.  I’ve learned my lesson and will make sure to save any files like this in the future! Sorry I can’t be of more help. πŸ™
You may remember that I made my daughters June outfit.  She still loves it and we found some sparkly red shoes to go with it at Target.
It was a great birthday and Olivia asked me if we could do it again the next day!
Free Printables in pdf format: