Forget Chocolates, Give Bear Hugs This Valentine’s Day with this Bear Hugs for You Valentine Bag Topper!

Valentine’s Day is all about showing the people you love how much you care. Introducing the “Bear Hugs for You” bag tag, the sweetest way to send a gummy bear hug straight to someone’s heart! Gummy bears are universally loved by children for their delightful taste and playful gummy texture. They’re a fun and unexpected alternative to classic Valentine’s Day treats.

I designed this bear hugs Valentine bag topper for my youngest to use as her daycare Valentines. The bag topper features a cute little bear with “Bear Hugs for You” written across it.  Inside a ziploc sandwich bag I put added some gummy bears and stapled the topper to the bag.  Who doesn’t love easy?!

Download the Bear Hugs Valentine Bag Toppers!

Personal use only. Do not alter.

Save the bag topper file to your desktop and open it in Adobe Reader. Print the toppers onto cardstock. Cut each topper out and fold in half.

Fill ziploc snack bags with gummy bears and attach the topper. Or alternatively, staple the topper straight to the gummy bear bag!

Don’t forget to sign your name to the back of the topper.

Now these sweet little treats are ready to be handed out and are sure to bring a smile to peoples faces!

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re looking for more Valentine ideas, visit my Printable Valentine’s Section!