I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, carving out time for you and your significant other is an important part of marriage. Along with communication and supporting each other, making time for each other is the perfect way to keep the flame burning. That can take many forms, but one of my favs is Date Night. Setting aside one or two nights a month for just you and your partner to reconnect. I love dressing to impress my partner and vice versa. And it is also a time to showcase your personal style – I mean, who doesn’t want to get a new outfit for date night? If you’re looking for a showstopper, you’re going to love this affordable orange one-shoulder dress that will leave you feeling sexy and confident!

Affordable Orange One-Shoulder Dress

Although orange is not a color I usually go for, this orange date night dress is bright, vibrant, and body-hugging, but with ruching that is very forgiving! It is super stretchy and very comfortable. And the one-shoulder silhouette accentuates the upper body, neck, and shoulders. Feeling like orange isn’t your color, or is maybe a tad too bright for your tastes? This dress is available in a variety of colors! I’ll share a link at the bottom of this post.

Styling a One Shoulder Bodycon Dress

Ruched One-Shoulder Bodycon Dress available in a variety of colors

How would you style this dress? I prefer simplicity, so usually add statement earrings, or a bracelet and anklet. My go-to with this dress is a pair of strappy nude heels that help elongate the legs. I’m so glad I went with the orange and have found it compliments my skin whether I’m pale or tanned from summer!

Each time I wear this dress I receive lots of compliments and I am really glad that I pushed my comfort zone with the color! If you’re looking for a dress that you’ll be comfortable in, feel confident in, and allows your personality to shine through, give this orange one-shoulder dress a chance!

Ruched One-Shoulder Dress for Date Night

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Ruched One Shoulder Mini Dress
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