One of my fondest summertime memories is of my aunt creating a tub of oooey and gooey Oobleck. This can very messy and VERY FUN! My Aunt use to make a small kiddie pool full of this stuff and us kids would walk in it (or on it if you went fast enough!), make balls and watch them melt, have fights with it… but what is IT exactly?

Kids will have tons of fun playing with Oobleck! Make it with 2 common household ingredients! A great summer boredom buster!


Food Coloring or Packet of Jello (optional)

Summer Fun with Oobleck - Get the simple recipe!Directions:

Combine 1 part cornstarch to 1.5-2 parts  water in a bowl. As you pour, stir (with your free hand). The trick is to add just enough water so that you can roll the mixture into a ball, stop rolling and it melts between your fingers.

Now let’s do some experimenting. In the bowl, tap it. It’s hard, right? But now slowly let your hand sink in and it feels like liquid! Roll it into a ball and then let it sit in your hand, what happens? Kids will be amazed at all of the things this non-liquid, non-solid substance can do!’

Kids will have a blast playing with this mystifying substance. It’s a great Summer Boredom Buster!

Summer Fun with Oobleck - Get the simple recipe!

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