My brother and his fiancee are expecting their first baby this January. Her baby shower was this past weekend and I was asked to make up some Mommy Advice Cards that guests could fill out when they entered the party:
These are fun for the mom-to-be and a great way to do a raffle.

Download the Mommy Advice Cards pdf via Google Drive.

I also whipped up some Baby Shower Bingo cards:
 To play, each guest fills in the squares with gifts they think the mom-to-be will open. IE diapers, pacifiers, burp clothes, onesie, booties, etc. The owl square is a freebie. As the mom-to-be opens gifts, the guests mark off the gifts they had written down. The first one to get 5 in a row, whether it be diagonal, horizontal or vertical, yells out BINGO and wins a prize.

Download the Baby Shower Bingo game cards via Google Drive.

I also made some cupcake toppers using the ones I had created for my friends Owl Baby Shower earlier this year.
Two of my brothers are expecting babies, one boy and one girl, two and half months apart.
I’m pretty excited to have babies back in the family! The youngest is my daughter who is now 4.5 years old! I’m ready to hold some bambinos!
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